The Baker

Florin is an accomplished artisan baker who has been baking in Vancouver for the Kitsilano neighbourhood and beyond for the past few years. He used to own Transilvania Peasant Bread on West Broadway – remember that crazy-looking little shop with the wood-burning oven in the middle? – and used to be the head baker at Beyond Bread Artisan Bakery.

He stumbled upon baking quite by chance when he immigrated to Canada from his native Transylvania, and didn’t quite “understand” the bread here. He taught himself bread baking and ever since is striving to achieve that perfect loaf.

A while back he decided to take a two-year sabbatical from his job and play baker for a while. That was seven years ago!

Eventually, Florin realised that he had had enough of being a “professional” baker and has since joined the work force again. However, he can’t stay away from baking, hence this blog and a series of bread baking workshops he is offering in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm.