October 18, 2012


After quite a long summer break, on Sunday, November 4th between 2:00 and 5:00 pm, Florin is holding his next workshop. Hurray! It will be hosted by Rick Havlak's Homesteader's Emporium at his amazing store down at 649 East Hastings Street.

The workshop will be a three hours journey into the world of artisan bread, where you can learn the basics of baking: pre-ferments and soakers, mixing your dough, kneading and other techniques that will help you develop not just the dough, but also your baking skills. Finally, the shaping and baking of proofed loaves will be explained. You will be able to ask all those baking questions that have haunted you for ages.

Since artisan baking is quite a lengthy process, everybody will produce their own dough at the workshop, then take it home and bake it later on in their home oven. You should end up with the irresistible smell of freshly baked bread in your own kitchen and one or two beautiful loaves of bread, that you'll be able to share with family and friends. But be warned: This is the type of bread that doesn't last long!

To find out more details (what to bring along, cost, etc.) or to book your spot visit Rick's site.

We're also looking forward to a series of four workshops at UBC Farm this season. More details to follow soon.

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  1. I loved the workshop, thank you Florin! I blogged about it myself, and my photos are up there too.