June 28, 2012

A scholarly weekend: The Report Cards

After our latest round of bread workshops (which we talked about in an earlier post), and after what must have been a very long day for all participants, we all went home with about 2 kilos of dough. Everyone was supposed to turn that dough into two loaves of bread "at a later date" (either later that evening, or the next day).

We asked everybody to submit pictures of their results and we promised to post them on our blog.

Here are the pictures we received. These are some pretty awesome-looking loaves!

Thank you to everyone for attending our workshops, and thank you in particular to Masae, Cormac, Sophia, Kevin, Janette, and Ludmila for submitting their photos.


  1. Wow those first two photos especially look amazing. I was thrilled with how my bread turned out after your course. I haven't been able to get quite the same results since, but I'm still trying!

    1. Yes, keep on trying!

      Those loaves, really do look amazing. Thanks for the kind words and your nice comments. I also have enjoyed our bread workshops at UBC Farm tremendously; looking forward to a few more come fall.