May 18, 2012

Crack That Wheat

We can't resist a good, honest, white sourdough. That much is sure. But we also like to give it a little bit of colour, either by using some whole grain flour, or, as in this case, with some cracked grain that we soak overnight.

The white flour helps create an amazing structure with beautiful, big holes... The hard part is always to wait with cutting into the loaf till after it has cooled down and set properly. Then one can see the true results, and whether one has handled the dough gently enough, or not. This loaf happened to be quite a beauty; we are very pleased with the way it turned out. It will probably make for a great travelling companion for our upcoming trip to Nelson this weekend. We are excited!

The Formula

240 gr white sourdough culture
500 gr all-purpose flour
50 gr whole rye flour
140 gr cracked wheat (soaked overnight in an equal amount of water)
300 gr water
16 gr salt

To prepare your dough and bake your loaf, follow the steps outlined in our earlier post about The Simple Life.

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