January 19, 2012

Baking at UBC Farm

We've been talking for a while now with the people at UBC Farm about partnering up for one (and potentially more) workshop(s). Gemma, their Volunteer Coordinator, was particularly helpful in making this a reality.

Last night, Wednesday, January 18, it all happened. The workshop was sold out long in advance and they're even talking about people adding their names to a very long waiting list.

The day was ugly and snowy, and as darkness started to descend over the farm, we were wondering if anyone will show up. In the end, everybody arrived, and what a blast we had! There were 14 participants, including a Kelly Marion from the Vancouver Observer, who took the above pictures and wrote a very good article about the workshop.

We will keep everyone informed if there will be more workshops soon, and also we'll try to post some pictures on Florin's Facebook page.

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